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In Situ Observer

In Situ Observer provides relevant geospatial data, from a variety of sources, in an AR/MR context for first responders and AR users the ability to see unfolding events and situations, even when a direct line-of-sight is not available.

Augmented RealityData Sources

Augmented Reality

With the help of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, information that was once trapped in traditional formats is set free to become part of the world around us, and let users truly think outside the box.

Machine Learning

Taking advantage of cloud based machine learning, our datasets are more than just numbers and facts overlaid on the world. They are temporally disparate views of the unseen information that permeates the world around us.

GIS Data

Drawing upon the best open Geographic Information Systems Data sets, In Situ Observer realizes the full potential of geographic information in a specialized context providing true situational awarenesses.

Bringing it all together

At In Situ Observer we bring together the best of the informational data world, with geospatial intelligence, and mix it together in a relevant way that provides a completely new, yet familiar context to the world that surrounds us.

Spacial Thinking

When we expand our vision beyond what is knowable with the unaided eye, we open up a completely new world of connected possibilities and links that mixes the reality of the real world with that of information.

Our goal is to make the world more understandable in critical moments.

Does your data live outside the box?

Protect Critical Data in a Shared Environment

If you need to share your information with those around you, while still keeping it safe an secure, then our professional cloud server will let you do just that.

Our Experts

Our team is made up of professionals spanning a wide range of expertise and knowledge from field deployable technology solutions, to GIS analysis and in situ field technicians.

Kenji Kato


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